Is your vision blurred?
Do you wear glasses or contact lenses?


My name is Sara Cosenza and I’m an IN and OUT Eye Trainer.

That means, I help you see clearly what is OUTside and also what is withIN you.

Let me tell you more about what this means and how it can be achieved…

Only a few years ago, I would never have thought this was possible.

In fact, up until 7 years ago I also had eyesight problems.

More specifically, I was living with short-sightedness and astigmatism since I was about 12 years old and I had to wear glasses everyday.

For years I had been told that vision could not improve and I had to resign myself to wearing glasses my whole life.

However, I couldn’t quite resign myself to living my whole life depending on an object which is very limiting. I wanted to live and see my life freely, without any restriction.

So I started to do some research and I found out about techniques that allow you to improve your eyesight naturally, without having to recur to surgery.

At first I had my doubts, I was skeptical, but I decided to try it out and see for myself. Quite literally 😉

What happened?

Now I can see perfectly well without any glasses or lenses. And my improvement has gone even beyond that…


During the process of improving my vision, it became clear to me how much eyesight and eyesight problems are connected to our mind, the way we see the world and ourselves, and therefore the way we feel, think and act.

That means that improving your vision allows you to not only see clearly the world around you, but also to bring clarity within yourself.

What you see outside is a projection of what you have inside. Just think about the fact that what we see is the result of the re-elaboration of our mind…

This is why it is essential to bring clarity within you as well!

Having clarity inside and out will give you a solid foundation to make the most of your life, feeling connected with yourself and without being afraid of the present or the future.

Five year ago, after seeing how much improving your vision improves your life as a whole, I developed a method to help other people achieve these amazing results.

Ever since then, I’ve continued studying and attending several high-level courses and events to constantly improve and enhance the method.

Now I help people through carefully designed online events and courses (or “journeys”, as I like to call them), which allow people to have access to these powerful tools from the comfort of their homes.




The Method is called L.U.C.E. after the Italian word for light.

Light is what allows us to see. And without light, not only we wouldn’t be able to see, but also life itself wouldn’t be possible.

Light is also seen as the metaphorical “light at the end of the tunnel” that gives us hope and a way during hard times, when we could see no hope nor solution.

The L.U.C.E. Method works on the root cause of blurred vision, which can be briefly summarised as the presence of stress (or tension) in the visual system: eyes, mind and brain.

The Method is completely natural and has no side effects whatsoever.

It is suitable for everyone who has trouble seeing clearly whether it is from afar or up close, regardless of age or diopter (the number after the + or – sign on your glasses prescription).

The Method is based on the following 4 pillars:

Libertà = Freedom
Unione = Unity
Cambiamento = Change
Efficienza = Efficiency


(Libertà, the L in the L.U.C.E. Method)

Freedom from glasses and contact lenses and from the limits they impose on your life.

Freedom from the bad (visual) habits people unconsciously have and that lead them to have a blurry vision.

And of course, freedom from the tension in your visual system: the root cause of the lack of full clarity in your eyesight and in the way you see the world and yourself.


(Unione, the U in the L.U.C.E. Method)

In order to see well, there needs to be unity and cohesion among three components of the visual system: eyes, brain and mind.

The method works on building unity among these components to give you HD vision.

Furthermore, you will never be alone. You will be together with a group of people who share the same goal you have, and who will boost your motivation and results.

Because as you know, unity is strength!


(Cambiamento, the C in the L.U.C.E. Method)

To fully change your vision, you need to change your bad visual habits and limiting mechanisms, which are often unconscious.

This will benefit the way you see, but also the way you feel and how you perform in your life.

You will discover which mechanisms are blocking you from seeing well and living at the fullest, and together we will apply new habits and empowering mechanisms that will then become new automatisms for your visual system.

Your eyesight and your life will experience a true rebirth!


(Efficienza. the E in the L.U.C.E. Method)

The Method is studied to give you everything you need with efficiency.

This means, you will be able to achieve maximum results with minimum effort.

You will understand how to unleash your full potential (in vision and in life).


We’ll write you back as soon as possible with all the information you need!

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